Brand Practice carried out the identity project for the rebranding of CUF - Químicos Industriais covering brand strategy, naming, and tagline. 


The name Bondalti was based on the brand positioning defined at the beginning of the project. It is composed of the term “Bond”, a reference to chemical bonds that intends to symbolize the union and connection of employees around a single idea, and the term “alti”, which derives from the Latin altus meaning high, growth, deep, or rooted, referring also to leadership and ambition. We chose a Latin-sounding term to reinforce the Iberian character of the company and give it a distinctive mark on the international scene.
The tagline “Evolving Chemistry” is intended to be open to different readings. The first is to reflect how CUF and now Bondalti was the engine of the chemical industry evolution – in Portugal and beyond – through constant innovation. On the other hand, it symbolizes the transformation of CUF – Químicos Industriais itself into Bondalti, a company that continues to evolve.

On July 13, 2018 Brand Practice participated in Bondalti’s open day for a presentation on the methodology for name creation and the underlying strategy. This event included the awarding of the Colombo prize, an initiative from Bondalti that rewards the most innovative ideas from its employees.

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