Signium is a world-leading Executive Search & Leadership Services Partnership with over 70 years of experience.

Brand Practice helped Signium capture the essence of Signium's vision and translate it into a strong coherent brand identity. This was achieved through a total reformulation of Signium's visual identity and communication style oriented towards the concept of duality. A broad concept that manifests itself in different ways – global partnership with local entrepreneurial consultancies; harder rigor and reach, coupled with softer passion and high personal touch; the mind competencies and practicalities of a candidate as well as their soul in the chemistry and cultural fit; the balance of intelligence and intuition.
The symbol evolved into a simpler but stronger expression, without losing the concept of interior/exterior duality and the spherical/global volume. A modern and simple font was adopted to let the symbol breathe and shine.
New visual elements were introduced, such as the ascending diagonal line and photo frames that symbolize a progressive and forward-thinking stance.
Side-by-side image compositions convey the duality pushing Signium forward. Worldwide and close-by or innovation combined with professionalism.
Petrona with its engaging and strong personality is the new communication typeface. Its design intended for legibility in digital and print media, from headlines to body text. The fact that it offers a comprehensive range of weights, a complete set of corresponding italics, and an extended glyph set supporting a wide set of languages was extremely important in its choice, as it will be used all over the world.
The color palette maintained dark blue as the main color, but orange and turquoise were introduced – a warm and a cold color – once again, reinforcing the concept of duality. This new palette can be used solid or in gradients, depending on the intended purpose of the layout.

This refreshed brand identity better communicates Signium’s unique position in the industry and its readiness to help leaders face the challenges of tomorrow.
This project was developed in collaboration with the Swedish company Business & Emotions which was responsible for the brand's new tone of voice and co-responsible for the new communication style.

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