Repositioning the Saphety commercial brand and creating two new brands: Magnify and the new Saphety corporate brand.

For us there is something very satisfying when we work with ambitious Portuguese companies that have to operate in extremely competitive markets in Portugal and abroad, often against international companies and, as is the case with Saphety, in innovative technological markets. Especially when these companies recognize the importance of branding.
The work with Saphety started from a challenge related to the difference between the company's identity and the identity of its commercial products, as well as the challenges posed by growth, diversification, and internationalization. It involved all the phases of a branding project, both at the strategic level, with Saphety’s total involvement in work meetings and discussion, and at the operational level.
As a starting point we developed a set of in-depth interviews with Saphety employees in which we found clear, defined visions for the business objectives, great expertise and know-how, and a cohesive, informal, and accessible team. This work required the exploration of multiple possibilities for brand strategy and architecture, identifying their pros and cons. All hypotheses were open, including a total rebranding. The solution adopted is the one that best meets the objectives. It creates a corporate brand capitalizing on the awareness of the main commercial brand. The new corporate brand serves as a platform for current and future commercial brands that can operate in distinct markets with a common axis. It also makes Saphety tangible as a company on an institutional level. All brands benefit mutually from the awareness and endorsement of the same corporate brand, gaining in credibility. This is the kind of solution that we can find in companies like Volkswagen Group, Danone or Coca-Cola.

The work related to Magnify involved the creation from scratch of the name and visual identity for this product, which took place in the context of Saphety's global strategic thinking. The market in question is highly specialized, requiring its own autonomous strategy to add credibility to the already existing expertise. The name and identity explore the concept of gaining value for all parties from the potential of the invoice, which would otherwise be something neutral, inert. This idea also refers to the detail and operations that can be done with the software. 

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