As1 - Unify your existing Global Payroll

Brand Practice rebranded APPLIC8 and created the new As1 (“as one”) brand for its flagship product and a new brand strategy and architecture.


The project involved in-depth interviews with some of Applic8 clients and software developers.
APPLIC8 is an ambitious Swiss-based payroll processing and outsourcing company with over 20 years of expertise in innovation and delivery of high-quality solutions. It developed a product aimed at payroll processing for multinationals, thus moving beyond the scope of specialized Swiss payroll processing. As1 was formerly integrated within APPLIC8 to support its growth in international markets; it was decided to create a new brand specifically for its multinational payroll solution.
As1 is a cloud-based solution that allows payroll data gathering, consolidation, analysis, and processing from a wide array of local payroll suppliers and data sources, making them all work together. We created the brand with three core attributes: Reliable Power, Harmonic Unity, and Evolving Automation. These are at the core of everything the brand is about. They are grounded on APPLIC8's vast experience and visionary character.
Reliable Power because payroll processing is a critical task for multinationals. The time frames are concise and cyclical, the amount and complexity of data imply scalability for deployment in large organizations, governance requirements are very high, and mistakes can be extremely costly.
Harmonic Unity is the central concept because As1 is platform agnostic and integrates complexity and chaos into a unified whole. The name As1 was born out of this concept.
Evolving Automation because As1 replaces many time-demanding human tasks, prone to error or delays. It evolves because the solution is constantly being upgraded with new features custom designed for its clients, and language recognition, artificial intelligence, and big data are elements integrated into As1 innovations.
Surrounded by chaos, As1 turns it into a fluid and fast workflow, providing strict security. As1 blue is a sign of the seriousness and security it provides while giving a sense of dimension and a broad spectrum.
Brand Practice also developed the look and feel of APPLIC8 new website, vision book and brand book; the event stand for the Unleash 2022 event, a short video to present As1 and several other brand applications.
This project also shows that with the development and widespread adoption of video conference platforms and remote work, Brand Practice is able to work remotely for any client anywhere in the world, providing first-class branding consultancy and design from our office in Lisbon.

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