MPMP - Património Musical Vivo

A new brand identity, tagline, and brand architecture system for a unique project in Portugal.

MPMP, Património Musical Vivo, is a platform for the discovery of Portuguese music and musicians. An ongoing search with a will to challenge past and future, building unexpected dialogues between old repertoires and new sounds.
The new tagline – Living Musical Heritage – perfectly synthesizes the essence of MPMP Património Musical Vivo. The typography of the logo conveys fluidity and harmony, gaining a new color, red, a vivid color, one of the national colors. A set of graphic elements were created to reinforce the tagline idea. Lines and circles based on the musical universe, interacting harmoniously, animate the different layouts.
In addition to the MPMP brand identity, we also created the identity for the Glosas Magazine, a touchpoint for composers, musicologists, instrumentalists, and music lovers, as well as the identity for the MPMP Ensemble, a group of flexible instrumentation that develops close work with musicologists and composers with the aim of rediscovering past heritage and valuing contemporary repertoires. 

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