The Navigator Company is one of Portugal’s largest companies. In 2013, it was voted Best Company in Europe at the European Business Awards. It accounts for almost 1% of Portuguese GDP and is a hub of growth and exports. Innovation and sustainability are closely linked to the Navigator Company’s business and philosophy.

The Navigator Company generates the energy it needs cleanly and makes renewable energy available to the country: it generates more than half of its renewable energy from biomass, corresponding to 5% of all electricity in Portugal.
The Energy Efficiency campaign arose as another way of making this reality of The Navigator Company’s business more tangible. It is an awareness-raising initiative aimed at the company’s employees so that they can contribute to less waste through small day-to-day gestures.
More than saving energy for The Navigator Company itself, the idea was to raise awareness among the employees themselves so that they could become, even more, vehicles of transformation for a better society.

Brand Practice was responsible for the development of several communication materials such as posters, roll-ups, and different stickers. The latter allowed the message to be placed near light switches, air conditioners, or computers, working as a call to action at the very point where the decision to save is more important.

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