In the context of the joint venture that led to the birth of the world’s second largest producer of wood solutions – Sonae Arauco – it was necessary to reposition the Innovus brand. A leader in innovative technologies, design, and trends, Innovus is the brand that encompasses the offering of decorative products and endorses the communication and the catalogs. 

In this new context, we worked on the Innovus brand architecture with particular focus on sub-brands and product lines. As a team we defined a logical system of hierarchical organization regarding their relationship with the Innovus brand.
We redesigned the logo, revised the colors, typography, and communication style, seeking compatibility with the aesthetics of the new Sonae Arauco brand.

We developed a Brand Manual with the logo's basic elements, figurative and nominative behaviours of the sub-brands and product lines and rules of coexistence with Dealers' brands.
During the project we developed a set of icons organized into three major families. Each family has its own content and function, employing graphic and geometric elements that help distinguish the different characteristics, properties, and applications of the products. These icons were used in various communication media, both printed and digital.

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